A MATTER OF PLACE from Fred Freiberg on Vimeo.

Film Details

Kavanagh Productions partnered with the Fair Housing Justice Center to produce A Matter of Place, a documentary that shines a bright light on housing discrimination, one of the most shrouded and misunderstood civil rights issues in America. The film connects past struggles for fair housing to contemporary incidents of housing bias based on race, sexual orientation, disability, and source of income, and presents three stories of people who faced housing discrimination in present-day New York City.

They poignantly describe the injuries inflicted on them during these incidents, as well as their resolve to fight for justice. Through experts, civil rights advocates, and fair housing testers, the film also recounts our nation’s often overlooked history of residential segregation and introduces viewers to systemic and pervasive injustices that, despite the existence of fair housing laws, continue to inflict harm on entire communities and individuals throughout America.


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