Kavanagh Productions produces media for broadcast, corporate, and non-profit clients. These projects meet some of the most challenging client needs, from marketing and advertising video and film to internal communications and training.  Over decades, Kavanagh Productions has produced creatively and technically superior projects, globally. Learn more >>


Kavanagh Productions produces live events and event media that serve high profile clients.  From corporate and organizational meetings to intimate client events, Kavanagh Productions customizes our services to meet your specific brand and communication needs.  Kavanagh also coordinates media events and webcasts as part of event production teams.  In all areas of event and media production for events, we thrive— in partnership with our clients. Learn more >>


Kavanagh Productions produces documentaries on critical issues of social, political and cultural relevance to our world.  Media is the town square of our global culture. Portraying the experience of contemporary life through the eyes of those whose stories are otherwise untold is our mission. Through documentary work, we pass on the history of our times and hope to keep the spark of hope burning for a brighter future. Learn more >>