Kavanagh Productions is an event production company, specializing in creative planning and execution of gatherings. We work with prominent clients that depend on thought leadership events as well as highly planned and aesthetically executed presentations. We customize our services to meet our clients’ needs, in ways large and small. Watch demo reel >>



We are also expert at producing and coordinating media for events. Kavanagh produces video and other media content integral to gatherings.  We meet all webcasting / broadcasting, press and television media needs at the highest standards of production. Watch demo reel >>



We are available to work as part of event production teams. Kavanagh is available as a team member with other production entities. In all areas of event and media production for events, we help our clients thrive and succeed. See an example of our work partnering with Trillium Creations to direct a video webcast of their 2015 Recode Conference.