Who We Are

Kavanagh Productions is the creation of Producer/Director Bill Kavanagh.

Bill has been working in film, television, and brand content creation for decades. He has been producing documentaries, directing multi-camera broadcasts and programs, creating live event media, and crafting sponsored films for clients on every continent except Antarctica.

If you visit our shoots, you’ll find Bill behind the lens, in the control room or pacing backstage, fitting together the elements of the production.

For a look at his bio, see his Linkedin page.

Our Team

Our Team

On the post-production side, Sylke Froechtenigt keeps our edit bays humming and organizes the troops. Since she landed in NYC from Berlin, she’s been cutting our films non-stop, creating unique graphics and animation, inventing amazing worlds inside the frame. Before joining Kavanagh Productions, Froechtenigt worked in feature films and the theater in Germany. (Learn more about Sylke at IMDB.)

Many other members of the Kavanagh Productions team contribute to making each production and event successful and our clients’ experience superior; our stable of creative production associates craft each project according to its needs.

Let us introduce you in person sometime.

Our Mission

Our Mission

…in the precious time we have, is to create media projects that open unique windows on the world for our audiences. We create inspirational and informative work for clients, differentiating them from others and illustrating their thought leadership.

We make independent film about subjects we find essential, telling stories about issues and people that matter.